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Social Sorority Girl turns Professor

Dr. Ashley Allen a new professor here at UNCP had the best of both college worlds achieving excellent academics, while also being an active sister in Kappa Delta Sorority at Wake Forest University this is her story.

Allen grew up in the eastern part of Raleigh in a two parent home; she is the eldest child of her parents. Most of her schooling took place in private all girls Christian Academies, where she focused on academics and cheer squad. When it came time to choose a college, Allen decided she wanted to attend Wake Forest University and be a Demon Deacon. At Wake Forest she started as a political science major with aspirations of becoming a lawyer, but she quickly realized that wasn’t the path for her to follow.

Dr. Allen was a proud member of Kappa Delta Sorority and held multiple positions during her undergraduate years. Her reason for joining Kappa Delta was because they were “classy, diverse, and felt the most like family” said Allen. She enjoyed attending national convention’s, as well as the social aspects being a part of Greek life provides. Dr. Allen would be interested in interacting with the Kappa Delta chapter here at UNCP if the opportunity were presented.

She eventually found her niche in Psychology and stuck with it all the way to a doctorate. She attended graduate school at Wake Forest but eventually transferred to Duke Universities’ graduate program after being offered a position by her professor who happened to be famous in the field of Psychology. Dr. Allen has experience with both the clinical and educational sides of Psychology; she prefers the educational route and chose to stick with it after she decided clinical work wasn’t for her.


She is not only a professor but a mom to two little girls as well, and she is also married to a minister. She and her family live in Roland County; it’s a much different experience for her than her previous home in Jacksonville Florida. Allen lived in Jacksonville and taught at the university there for three years before coming back to her home state of North Carolina, “While Florida was a fun experience, but I missed my family in North Carolina” said Allen. After returning to North Carolina she landed a job here at The University of North Carolina Pembroke. She is enjoying her brave nation experience so far in her first year; she enjoys the campus, the small community, family atmosphere and the diverse student body.

Dr. Allen doesn’t feel balancing motherhood and a profession is too difficult because of her supportive husband and her flexible work schedule with Uncp. Outside of teaching she really enjoys attending Sporting events and reading books. She likes Nicholas Sparks’ novels and romantic novels. The last book she has read of late is called The Outliers. An interesting fact about her is that she skipped the sixth grade when she was younger because she was intellectually ahead of her peers, “whenever I don’t know something I just say I missed it in 6th grade” said Allen, she jokes during our interview. Dr. Allen also enjoys many different types of music, she doesn’t favor new school rap too much but likes the early 2000’s rap and hip hop. She really enjoys classic rock; she is a big fan of the band “The Eagles”. She describes herself as “Nerdy and Hardworking”, when asked said Allen.

A lot of professors say they enjoy teaching, Dr. Allen is no different, she feels she has found her calling, she enjoys helping her students achieve success and greatness. Her favorite part of being a professor being a part of the process of getting to help her students and see them go off to grad Teaching has also bettered her as a person, “It has improved my people skills, and helped me to meet people of many different backgrounds” said Allen.

Dr. Allen is happy and satisfied with her life right now, she does plan to co Author a book one day with her Minister husband dealing with and discussing the topics of Spirituality and Psychology, and how they relate and work together. She is definitely up for a follow up interview as well, as she continues her tenure here at UNCP. If you ever see Dr. Allen on campus try chatting her up about the twilight saga or college football two topics she’s very familiar with.




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